We restore the original look of teak surfaces of your vessel and use oil and wax if requested. We inspect the joints and fixedness of teak on the deck if necessary in order to prevent water from reaching the space between the teak deck and the hull.

We recommend maintenance of teak decks at least a few times per season either by the owner himself or herself or by professionals. When the deck becomes faded and pores gather dirt, the maintenance process may later be considerably more labour-intensive and expensive.

In order to preserve the natural look, the deck must be brushed with an ordinary brush, clean water and a special detergent.

In case of oiled and/or waxed decks, the condition of the treated surface must be observed and different spots must not be unevenly faded in terms of shade as it is vastly harder to achieve an even shade later. It may also become impossible to achieve an even shade without polishing, which in turn reduces the thickness of the teak.

NB! Do not use strong household chemicals – or even worse, a washer – for washing. Household chemicals dissolve teak oil and in the process of washing, the oil is removed from the upper layer, causing the wood to gradually decay and substantially shortening the lifespan of your teak deck.